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Conoce las respuestas a las consultas más habituales

  • Can I visit the Mansion anytime?
    Yes once you purchase a stock in the company you become a shareholder and can visit your business anytime.
  • Where is GGManison Located?
    The Mansion is located in Colombia. The exact location is only provided to shareholders.
  • Is their Security at GGMansion?
    Yes we have a full staff of Security Guards at the Mansion. The privacy and security of our models and shareholders is of our most importance.
  • How do shareholders check stats review models verify performances and receive monthly dividends?
    Shareholders have a portal on our website where each shareholder and view weekly sales at the GGMansion & upload Paypal details or banking information so that we can send monthly payouts to shareholders via paypal, wire transfer SWIFT or ACH payout.
  • How do I buy shares in GGMansion?
    We offer 3 methods of purchase. ( shares can only be purchased on our official website 1- Credit card payment 2- Bank Transfer 3-Crypto payment
  • Is this legal?
    Yes GGMansion is a legally registered and functioning business in Colombia.
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